Panama COC

Panama COC (Certificate of Competency)

Having a Panamanian COC is important for mariners that want to extend their job opportunities and alternatives. Having a Panamanian COC enables the person to work in any Panamanian flagged vessel which widens their opportunities since more than 50% of the world´s vessels are Panamanian flagged and the number is increasing.

Most of the benefits of having a Panama COC come from the actual government administration which runs all Panamanian marine businesses. This organization is called the Panama Maritime Authority, it is well recognized by the IMO, recognized worldwide and our company is strategically registered with them. The PMA offers good services and controls over Panamanian marine documentation and registrations. These services and controls give the document holder or registration holder many benefits.

Between all the services and controls we offer:
  • To arrange or issue certificates / panama certificate of competency (COC)
  • Recognize COC issued by other administrations. This is done through a certification/title ratification or renewal.
  • Endorsement for Certificates of Competency to Panamanian COC.
Some of the benefits are:


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