How to get a Panama CDC

How to get a Panamanian CDC in 3 steps?

(1st) Scan your current

  • Current COC
  • Valid Passport
  • Current CDC
  • All course certifications
  • Medical Certificate
  • 8 (Eight) = 3x3 cm photos
  • Experience Letter or Letter of Discharge
  • Send to our e mail for evaluation
If you want to speed the CDC process you can download the complete CHECK LISTS.


A) If an applicant needs an upgrade we can offer a Belize CDC and COC and if the applicant has no 
formal experience, only sea time, then he/she must send the letter of discharge. 

(2nd) The applicant will receive an invoice with the fees and payment instructions.

(3rd) After the payment is received the client will see his CT number in a period of 1 to 1.5 weeks

which will be able to see online and will receive the COC / CDC documents via courier in a period of 4

to 12 weeks. It is optional for us to send the temporary COC document valid for 3 months the first

week after payment if the clients pays for the courier fee.

Panama CDC diligence time frame?

Once the documentation has been received and approved, and the specific fees are received, the

application process for your Panama CDC starts.

One week after application, the CT (3 months Temporary Certificate) will be issued and online.

The hard cover license is issued from 4 (four) to 12 (twelve) weeks of time.

These documents are sent by courier as soon as they are issued and a tracking number is sent to your e mail address.

For questions write to